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The Target conference ended on April 5th, 2013. To stay connected with Target, follow our R&D activities in the field of Big Data information systems, and check our current and future events, visit our website

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Target Conference 2013

The Target conference took place between 3rd and 5th of April, 2013 near the scenic town of Groningen. The conference was attended by more than 130 people from across the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, France, Spain and more. Key players in data-intensive science and research, and the ICT instustry convened to one location to explore the differences and similarities in their definition and handling of Big Data. New paths for cooperation between the traditionally divided communities were identified and the cross-disciplinary nature of many Big Data solutions became obvious. The keynote speakers delivered high-quality and high-content talks that challenged the audience to push the boundaries of our conventional approach to Big Data solutions and explore novel ways of harnessing the transformational potential of Big Data. Added to that were the invited and contributed talks, which contributed to the formation of a strong and very diverse conference program. Industry and public institutions were part of the conference exhibition, which ran parallel to the technical program. IBM, Oracle, ATOS, Aprycus, TNO, and SURFnet were some of the Big Data players that were represented at the exhibition.



Who is Target?

Target is one of the largest ongoing public-private projects in the Netherlands in the area of large-scale data management and information systems. The project focuses on research and development of innovative intelligent information systems that can efficiently process data and extract information from extremely large and structurally diverse datasets. Based on the partnership of research institutions, local and global IT businesses, Target has set up an expertise center in Groningen for data management of (inter)national science projects in the area of astronomy, life sciences and artificial intelligence, as well as a number of innovative commercial applications in the field of information technologies. Target also manages and maintains the second largest academic computer center in the Netherlands hosted by the Donald Smits Center for Information Technology at the University of Groningen.

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Organizers and Sponsors

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Target is supported by  Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland and the municipality of Groningen. It operates under the auspices of Sensor Universe. The project is financially supported by the European Fund for Regional Development and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (Pieken in de Delta), the province of Groningen and the Province of Drenthe.