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Local Information

Groningen is the largest city in the Northern part of the Netherlands with a population of around 200 000 people located just 40 km from the famous Lauwersmeer National Park on the North sea coastline and just steps away from the beautiful botanical garden Hortus Haren. With around 15 % of the its population comprising the students of the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Apllied Sciences, Groningen can boast with the youngest population in the Netherlands. Home to numerous cutural sites - a testimony of the turbulent past of Groningen, the city is home to many eye-catching buildings representing the best of modern architecture in the Netherlands. Groningen is rated as one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world with more than half of its population chosing the bike as a primary mode of commute.

Groningen is exceptionally beautiful in spring time when both Nature and people are bursting with life. Days are getting longer, but Groningen has so much to offer that you must plan carefully.


To find more information about Groningen and its parks, museums, accommodation, local events, cafes, bars and restaurants, and tour packages, visit the official website of the Groningen Tourist Information Center.

You can find a nice summary of interesting facts about Groningen here.

Another nice source of imformation about Groningen and the surrounding area can be found here.

How to get here

By plane

If you're flying the most convenient route would take you straight to Eelde airport located just 15km from the city. Note that the airport services only flights to/from few European destinations mainly during the summer season. To check flight destinations and airline carriers that fly to/from Eelde, visit the official website of the airport here.

Most likely you will fly into Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. Schiphol is one of the largest airports in Europe and there are plenty of regular flights to almost any destination around the world. Once at Schiphol, you'll need to take a train to reach Groningen. The train station is conveniently located right next to the airport and regular trains will take you to Groningen in about two and a half hours. To plan you train journey, visit the official wesbite of the Dutch Train Service here.

By train

You can easily reach Groningen by train from any other location within the Netherlands using the Dutch National Train Service.
If you're planning to travel by train from another European country, visit the international website of the train service here.

By car

From the South-West (Paris/Brussel/Amsterdam): Direction Amsterdam/Utrecht, A1/A27 to Almere, A6/A7 to Groningen.
From the South-East (Köln/ZÜrich/Vienna): Direction Ruhrgebiet (Duisburg/Dortmund), A3/E35 to the German/Dutch border, A12 to Arnhem, A50 to Zwolle, A28 to Groningen.
From the East and North (Kopenhagen/Berlin/Warschau): Direction Hamburg/Hannover/Bremen, from Bremen the A28/E22 to the German-Dutch border, A7 to Groningen.