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Conference Poster

Conference scope

We want straight answers to user-specific questions where the answer lies inside Big Data. Where can I buy clothing with pay-pall today? Should I make a detour around this city block given the traffic condition right now? Should I send out an earth-quake warning? Which dike is about to break through? How can I best determine the age at which the Universe became fully ionized?Everything changes: data, algorithms and human insight. What is the best paradigm and optimal interface to probe Big Data for straight answers in an ever changing environment? 

This conference is aimed at providing the answer by putting the interface between user and Big Data at its focal point. The conference brings together key players from commercial and academic research institutes with Big Data stakeholders. These include business, creative industry, academia, policy makers, investors / funding agencies. Target will present its diverse Big Data portofolio that transcends traditional borders between academic disciplines and commerce. 

Conference topics

  • Big Data User Interactions - Ongoing Big Data projects present how users interface with their data to answer user-specific questions.
  • Big Data Visualization - Innovations in Big Data Visualization and real-life applications. Statistical exploration of complex high-dimensional Big Data as input to subsequent lower-dimensional visualization.
  • Big Data Technology Challenges - User-friendly interfaces, data dissemination, (statistical) analysis tools, (commercial) exploitation of public Big Data
  • Big Data Information Systems